What is geolocation service?

How does geolocation work?

Why geolocation is important for your business?


Every time we say THIS WORLD people look at us with a thousand-yard stare: “What is a geo location service?”

We know what you are thinking: in the era of the Internet Privacy Issues, with all this tracking, hacking and trading information, the last thing we need are problems in this area. Especially at work.

Ok, relax. Because what we offer is totally different.


We want to explain it in a simple way. Imagine you are a farmer and you sell your products at the local market. And also imagine that you discover that in the little village near yours there’s a lot of your products supply. Will you go and attend that market selling your products? We bet you do! What’s wrong with that? You have just geo localized your market. You are in the right place with the right products for the right people, a perfect fusion between supply and demand.

And the same goes for the Internet world.

Geolocation will allow you to sell your products to a very specific geotarget audience profile: instead of fishing – a really dumb activity for your smart business – hitting all target locations without agenda, you will work on a geospatial level.


What is geolocation service?

It’s not about some big data analytics or stats that break your privacy or who study some geo location codes, but it is really simple: it’s about study the geoposition of your brand and determine how to catch your follower who are near you. 

Working on a geographically located audience will help you increase your possibilities of success in a short amount of time.

In other words, your target business together with geolocalization will help you to really hit the people you are interested in on a very specific and precise geographical location (it could be a Country, a Region, a City or a small area).

That’s why we believe in the 

geo segmentation of your audience and of your target!


Our geolocator service, then, is just the icing on the cake you were looking for to sell your products and your personal brand faster and way smarter than ever!


How does geolocation work?

Geo localization is really simple and it is more important now than ever!

YOU DECIDE YOUR GOAL AND YOUR STRATEGY (or if you want us to do the job JUST CONTACT US) and WE ACTIVATE OUR “GEO LOOKUP”: we study the location on online coordinates or simply by area of your audience behavior and then we contact them on many levels.

We activate our geolocation tracker and we tell it how to geolocate your target audiences and your business in order to send them exclusive deals and promotions, or just tips or just a “know me better” reminder.

Our geo location finder, ultimately, is your business and personal brand best friend: a very simple geolocation algorithms that works only to give you the best clients and them the best products close to them.



Why geolocation is important for your business?

Location based targeting is important – we are sure that now you know better and believe us – for a huge number of reasons, starting from a very important and specific one: identifying the marketing trends based on a good behavioral targeting. 

Working with targeted advertising and targeted audience, in fact, can really improve the chance for your business success.

Managing Social Media Ads, moreover, can help you focus on a particular type of person at a time, always near you thanks to the “target around me”, “target near my location”, “target around my area” or “city target locations”, as some people call this important and peculiar services.

Thanks to the geolocalization, we can work with you on geo targeting advertising (known as geo targeted ads as well) and local based advertising. In particular, we can help you Google to index your website or social media contents thanks to the SEO geolocation writing and keywords study.

After your work with us, you can start:


building your geographical advertising

managing your geotargeting Facebook posts

managing your Instagram geo targeting

managing your YouTube geo targeting

writing your geo targeting SEO


You are a COMPANY or want to launch your PERSONAL BRAND or you have a PROJECT or EVENT that you want to develop ON A SPECIFIC LOCAL AREA?


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