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Do you have a passion for photography?

Do you need to learn how to take professional photos?

Do you want to become one of the best famous photographers? 

Are you looking for a photographer job in Las Palmas and can not find it?

Do you want to be one of the best Spanish and world photographers?

You are in the right place!


Professional Photography is a wonderful career, because it allows you to travel, discover unique photographic corners in your city and meet wonderful people and souls along the way and improve your work as a professional photographer. And so is freelance photography, the best way to make all this come true!


Why do we tell you all this? Because we can help you fulfill your dream of becoming a very good photographer (o let’s say it! great photographers) and finding a job as a photographer wherever you want.


How? On our site you will not only find tips and suggestions,

but also a true school of photography online and even live curses

to discover how to be a photographer!


We are clearly speaking of a type of employment as a freelance photographer, who works alone and without a boss. So many people ask us: “I want to become a photographer, so where do I start”?

That’s why at MeMi we decided to launch professional photography courses as well as photography classes for beginners, online but also front classes, to help all those who have decided to venture into this wonderful profession with the dream of becoming great photographers.

Maybe you do not know, but there is a lot of work for photographers in Spain and around the world: they are photographs for a restaurant or a store, child photographer, event photography or simply the best wedding photographers… there are so many possibilities!


Then, “what training is needed to become a photographer”?



In our courses you will learn:

  • how to become a professional photographer and how to start a career in photography

  • what do you have to do to be a photographer

  • who were and are the best professional photographers of America and why they are great

  • to understand contemporary photography and its challenges

  • what is a professional photo and how to make professional pictures

  • how to manage a professional photography session

  • how to make great original pictures in all the fields of popular photography. In particular, how to manage: maternity pictures, wedding pictures, family portrait pictures and portrait pictures in general, child portrait, graduation portraits, corporate portrait, business portrait photography, portrait in studio, black and white photography, landscape photography, engagement photos, senior portraits, nature photography, abstract photography, food photography, baby photos, still life photography, sports photography, dog photography, flower photography, urban photography, outdoor photography, fashion photography, pet photography, birth photography, architecture photography, travel photography, vintage photography, product photography, studio photography,gopro photography,special event photographer… and even how to become a celebrity photographer!

  • how do discover your unique photography style

  • how to become a modern wedding photographer and how to make creative wedding photography. How to manage a photography book of wedding photos and must-have wedding shoot, how to develop wedding picture ideas, wedding poses, wedding photography tips, original bridal photos, to discover wedding photojournalism. How to, let’s say, make beautiful wedding photography!

  • how to deal with creative photography

  • what is commercial photography

  • how to become a photojournalist

  • how to become whatever type of photographer you decide, such as female photographers, 

  • how to compete with big photography websites

  • how to become a successful photographer

  • how to discover the must-see professional photography resources

  • how to open photography blogs

  • how much can a professional photographer make

If you want to be part of the beauty of photography, then, here is your live course of photography. And soon also online!


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The Social Media Manager is a very important figure for companies that want to manage their work online by having a reference figure that guarantees their presence and their structured history. Although it is true that you can always find a social network administrator to take care of your activities, it is better to learn how to use them to understand the mechanisms and create an ad hoc growth strategy as a real professionals. Social Media Jobs in general, and Social Media Management Business, in fact, are now important more than ever.


Who’s better than you to manage YOUR personal brand or YOUR business?


Are you thinking of working with social networks and learn how to manage social networks yourself, because in the end this is precisely the job of your dreams?

Are you willing to become a social media consultant?


Do not worry! Again, you’re still in the right place!
Thanks to our online and front courses and social media marketing classes, in fact, we help people who have the will to understand how to use social media, how to manage social networks and digital marketing to develop their own propensities and skills. You will understand how to get into social media marketing and how to work as community manager for social media for business, to be able to venture into this wonderful profession with an additional know how! Instead of looking for the best social media agency, why can’t you just attend your social media coordinator training and do it for yourself and become a top media manager?

In our social networks course and social media management course (or our social network workshop as well) you will learn:

  • how to open your social profile and social media platforms

  • how to use social media and how to use social media for marketing

  • how to manage social media strategy and how to make a social media plan

  • how to become a social media manager

  • all the social media manager requirements

  • how to manage social networks in companies

  • the best social media campaign examples

  • the brand new social media marketing trends

  • what are the specifications of each social network

  • how to manage the communication flow in each social network

  • how to manage a social media promotion

  • how to develop your personal brand or your commercial brand

  • how to become an INFLUENCER online

  • which are the most used social app

  • the best social media monitoring tools

  • how much do social media managers make and all the social media marketing prices

  • how to get a job as a social media manager

  • how to deal with social media account manager job description


There are several options of social networking classes on the Internet and here too! Our social media manager training will be out soon!


Become a social media manager pro!


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