About us

MeMi Factory is a LIFESTYLE.


A new way of working.

A FACTORY of storytellers, photographers and social media managers

ready to make your dreams come true!


MeMi was born from two stubborn minds. A writer and a photographer with the passion for Social Media and Digital Marketing. These two souls believed in the power of collaborations, the desire to create something big not ready to be alone yet.

That’s why our PHILOSOPHY is to help people to succeed their dreams. Dimension is not important, willing to do it, motivation and self-discipline is!

During the first year, MeMi became a Factory of smart and high energetic people, willing to change their world and the one of its clients. Just like the two positive souls were expecting to happen. MeMi now is a Factory of people who share their minds, dreams and path, even if they are located in many different places and areas all over the world.


MeMi now is a Factory of traveling, dislocated and ready to help:


Social Media Experts


Personal & Brand Storytellers and Managers

Graphic Designers

SEO Copywriters

Creative Writers



Website and Landing Pages Creators

YouTube and Videomakers experts

Coaches and Problem Solvers

Travel and Lifestyle Bloggers

Make your DREAM COME TRUE! Choose MeMi Factory!


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