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Do you have a COMPANY or do you want to launch your PERSONAL BRAND?

DO YOU HAVE A PROJECT or EVENT that you wish to develop?

Do you need advice on how to configure your SOCIAL PLAN?

Do you want to build your own targeted and geolocalized audience?


MeMi Factory is YOUR SOLUTION!




Making Personal branding and Business Branding is now a must!

Memy Factory: our 360° Management


We develop strategies and best practice for PERSONAL BRANDING and BUSINESS BRANDING, both really important in today’s digital landscape in order to launch a successful business online and offline.

We believe that OUR SUCCESS IS IN OUR HANDS. That’s why surrounding ourselves with great people who work for our idea of business, who believe in our project and who will be able to support us every step of the way is crucial to succeed.


That’s why we support both

Personal Branding Projects and Business Branding Projects.


For Personal Branding, we mean the construction of a single-person brand: the brand is the person itself, with its peculiar characteristics and distinctive features, which help develop both online and offline.

For Commercial Brand or Business Brand, instead, we refer to the development of a corporate business that exploits all the types of tools we have available today, starting from digital marketing.

Web marketing does not live only on online platforms, but (and it may seem trivial) is also a work of people and relationships, contacts and relentless networking to seize the business opportunities that are found in real life. To do this you need to focus on your skills and abilities, but also professionalism must be helped: and this is where personal branding comes into play.

On the other hand, for a company it is almost impossible not to work, along with commercial and value-building strategies, not to deal with the construction of its image online, starting from its presence with its own website, its real “home”, and continuing with the most important and most wanted social platforms.

Without a doubt, social networks help a person to promote and communicate themselves as a brand: they increase visibility, make their work more recognizable, help to be more competitive in the business to attract new and better professional opportunities. And for these reasons it is fundamental to focus on self-promotion and on the enhancement of our personal assets.

There is no doubt that the Internet has allowed many more people to sell and ‘sell’, but it is certain that social networks have increased this possibility dramatically. Here’s how to make the most of them.


Making Personal branding and Business Branding is now a must!

Whether you are a freelancer, a creative person or a social media specialist and you want and need to emerge from the sea of ​​online content, you need to position yourself in virtual reality, tell a story (yours) and measure the impact of the published content on your audience.


Find the key to distinguish yourself, insist on your skills and gain credibility in your field of action by communicating (loud and clear) your identity, which must be well recognizable through all your communication channels (including social): only in this way will you be reached by interlocutors really interested in you.


Once you have established what you want to promote, for example yourself and your skills, use a language and a “Tone of Voice” consistent with the content you want to share and do not lose sight of the most important goal: creating value around you and empathy in anyone who will come into contact with you.


Whether you are a COMPANY or a PERSONAL BRAND, then, that’s what you need to do:


  • Identify your talents and work on your skills and abilities.

  • You are a brand, think about promoting yourself in the right way: distinguish yourself!

  • Remember: your primary goal is to position yourself in the best way.

  • Create value around your person.

  • Remember to measure the impact of your actions.

  • Training never ends! Get the news before anyone else!

  • Stay in listening to your community


Memy Factory: our 360° Management

Wheather you have a small business or a big one, our business solutions group MeMi is at your disposal as your “business intelligence”: a 360° business management ready for your purpose! We offer quality business solutions and we work for your business development in a very friendly and helpful way. We are a big family and we like working with one more on the ship: YOU!

We love developing projects we believe in: it could be a big Company already famous, working business to business and offering corporate solutions, or just a new idea popping out of a creative mind. We don’t care! In fact, we normally support small business because we believe in the power of foreseeing: success is already inside the initial idea, even if you just don’t see it!

First, business is business, so we have to know it and to work with it! That’s why we will help you and support you 360° and 100 %: 

  • We study your idea and we help you brainstorming your brand identity and brand value

  • We help you rebranding, if necessary

  • We contribuite in building your professional brand: brand strategy, brand positioning and brand guidelines

  • We look for the best strategy to help your business grow

  • We deliver what we call the “personal branding inspiration”

  • We present you some ways in developing a brand

  • We deliver good examples of personal branding

  • We offer key business solutions

  • We develop smart and modern business solutions for any kind of emergency

  • We support you in a lot of fields, such as online presence, online image and style, words to use, your best personal branding photos, how to kill your social media flow, communication and tone

  • We help you write and understand your personal branding SEO to let the web, Google and your clients know you better 

  • We will tell you how to build a personal brand on social media

  • We will tell you how to build a marketing plan

  • We will test your strategy to make it work better


So how do we do it? Check out our services in detail:


  • BUSINESS SOLUTION: PERSONAL BRANDING, BUSINESS BRANDING, project development, project manager

  • GEOLOCALIZATION: search for audience and customers based on the location of your business, to dialogue with partners targeted by area

  • WEBSITES: creation and management of the best website for your business, starting from the objectives and the commercial strategy

  • LANDING PAGES: creation and management of the best landing pages for your business, starting from the commercial strategy and the focus of your peculiar campaing or contact marketing idea

  • SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER: solutions for the two most famous social networks, Instagram and Facebook, creation and managing best strategies for social media, social networking courses and everything about them

  • COPYWRITING AND SEO WRITING: how to write effective and quality content for your website/ blog, how to be found and indexed on Google and how to write killing content to sell more and grow your business

  • PHOTOGRAPHY: Photo session – Photographic services – Retouching – Photo editor – Portraits – Studio photography

  • PHOTOGRAPHY and SOCIAL MEDIA COURSES: live or online courses in Spain, Italy and all over the places.

  • GRAPHIC DESIGNER: – Photoshop – Photo Editor – Flyer Creation – Logos – Visual Branding

  • CREATION OF BOOKS’ COVERS: – Photoshop – Creative patchwork and Photo Collage

  • CREATION OF MINIATURES of Videos for YOUTUBE: THUMBNAIL for videos, to increase the reach of videos on the famous Social Network thanks to good and rich images


Are you ready to start? Because WE ARE!!!


If you are a COMPANY or want to launch your PERSONAL BRAND or you have a PROJECT or EVENT that you want to develop and you need an advice…
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